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About Dianne Robbins

er. No tall buildings in this are. She playfully dubbed her new neighborhood "Big Sky Country"!

​Dianne Robbins began her career as a fashion illustrator after graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology. Her work appeared in the New York Times for many years, she worked for Saatchi & Saatchi, Grey Advertising and others doing illustrations for such clients as Children's Tylenol, Almay, Ivory soap, Clairol, Post cereals and many others. 

When her favorite subject became mother & child she started her business called "Portraits of Childhood". She also illustrated a Christmas book by the beloved writer and minister Barbara Crafton called "Mary & Her Miracle".

A few years ago this New York City artist moved to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, just a block from the East River. No tall buildings in this area. She playfully dubbed her new neighborhood "Big Sky Country"!

Before she moved there she would have described the landscape of New York as the buildings but now suddenly it was for her all about the relationship of the fluid and awesome entity above the city with the architecture below. 

"As New Yorkers, we spend so much time dashing for taxis, running through the crowded canyons of skyscrapers, down the steps to the subway, running to make the light, that the sky is just backdrop to the ever important business of business! But after starting to paint the sky over New York, I enjoy an intimacy with it as sure as my familiarity with the city's architecture. I hope these paintings can be a window others can look through to experience that too."


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